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One Act Play: 2F, 2M + Band


The souls of three slaves are stuck in a state of limbo, perpetually tasked with cleaning the wreckage caused by systemic racism purveying contemporary America. The trio must confront the expendability of African American lives through the ages: Antebellum South, the Civil Right's Movement, #BlackLives Matter. 

Reprise Production at Rogue Machine/LA (2019)

Production at Rogue Machine/LA (2018)

Production at Edinburgh Fringe Festival/UK (2017)

Staged Reading at Hi-Arts/NYC (2016)

Workshop Production at California Institute of the Arts (2016)

Image by Mikaela Wiedenhoff

10 Minute Play: 2F, 1M

African Hypen American

What is an African-American? What happens when the African and the American parts of the self are at war with each other? African Hypen American tackles the messiness of identity politics in America and what it means to claim your history and self. 


Zoom reading with Together LA Festival (2020)


10 Minute Play: 2F, 1M

A Bag Full of Stars 

After the death of her Uncle James, Eva’s world is rocked. Flooded with the memories of her past, Eva must confront her fragile mother with the truth or stay haunted by the past.

Staged Reading at Ammunition Theater Company/ LA (2019)

Image by Morgan Petroski

10 Minute Play: 2F, 2M

Second Line

The coronavirus has taken the lives of so many. Among those lives is the father of a young high school senior in New Orleans. In an effort to keep up with his final year of school, Charles must reconcile his grief as well as reconnect with his newly widowed mother. 

Zoom reading with Pandemic Play Festival/ Lower Depth Company (2019)

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